Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pennies from Heaven

This was a special bracelet for a friend of mine, Jennifer.
Her Great Grandmother, GG, died 1 year ago, May 30th.

Her Grandmother would always say that the pennies you find are pennies from heaven and would pick them up and save them.

Jennifer's husband, Kyle, knowing that the 1 year anniversary date was close and would be extremely hard for Jen asked me to make 'something' special.

I asked him some questions and knowing that pennies played a special roll in Jennifer and GG's relationship I knew I would have to incorporate at least one.
Since GG was born in 1922 I thought a penny with that date would be extra special.
Kyle was able to find one in his dad's stash of old coins and drilled it for me!! YaY!!

The beach was also very special to both of them, so I used shells and fresh water pearls and some hollow lampwork beads. I etched some of the lampwork beads to make them look more like beach glass.
I also used both of their birthstones, Sapphires and Diamonds (crystals)
The heart that dangles on the end has a 'G' on one side and another 'G' on the other side.
I loved creating this bracelet,
thanks Kyle!


Kimberly said...

Spectacular. One of your sweetest creations.

Jen said...

My sweet friend Patricia, I love, love, love my bracelet. Thank you so much for all the care and thought you put into making it.

Love you, Jen

Theresa said...

So glad Jen liked is lovely and very, very thoughtful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Erin said...

wanted to send you my poem I told you about.

Pennies from Heaven
The richest thing that I have found is a penny on the ground. It gives me a smile as I hold it awhile, reminding me...
That all the riches in the world are God's little wink's of knowing that someone special is shining down on me.
Erin Reynolds