Sunday, August 16, 2009

pinK PinK you StinK!

This is a custom Order for Laura, I wonder which pair she'll like better?


Kimberly said...

pick the swirlies! pick the swirlies!

Tandra said...

You KNOW I love the dangly flowers!

Tandra said...

I wanted you to make some dangly flower ones...LOL

But the swirlies are so big and honkin'-
But Im with Kim---
pick the swirlies! pick the swirlies!

And my 2 friends you made the flower charms for-
PERFECT and the LOVED them!

patricia said...

I like 'em both too, but my fav's are the flowers... I think. I'm gonna make more like these, they are too fun!
YaY! glad your friends liked their flowers =)
Hope you had fun at the convention!

Anonymous said...

Yikes-I love them both! I can't decide ??? HELP from Laura

Laura said...

Oohh I'm off to your Etsy store to go shopping and DECIDE!