Monday, October 13, 2008


Okay, so, I have to show you the earrings I made for my friend, Tandra.
I hope she likes 'em! Thanks Tandra :)

There's still time to enter the blog candy give away.
comment on the seventhousandsevenhundredandseventyseven post, don't forget to leave me your email, so I can notify you. I promise, i won't send you any chain emails!! lol!


Kimberly said...

they look like pumpkins!!

Theresa said...

Patricia: Your friend Tandra will love these earrings! They are fabulous!!!!

Tandra said...

They are swingin' from my ears right now!
I cant believe the DETAIL on them!

Thankyou so much my Queen!!! <3

Ryan said...

Those are cool. How do you think they would look on me?.... okay, sorry I asked.

Kimberly said...

Ryan - you should get some - really!

I love the colors. Your pictures of the beautiful earrings are so good!

sarahw said...

Those are the coolest! I really, really like them!

Lorien Clark said...

WAKE UP! It is the 17th. Darn that Tandra for telling all those people about your blog candy. If she hadn't my chances would've been much better.
I love her pumpkins. Those are too cute! The swirly vines are my favorite.

patricia said...

I'm up! I'm up! and the winner has been posted, I tried to make it at exactly 7:17 but missed it by one minute! oh well, I was close...
thanks for playing =)