Sunday, June 29, 2008

random acts of Anklets

This one is my new favorite. (the black one)

I wear an anklet almost year round and I rarely take them off.
I swim with them, shower and sleep with them.


Theresa said...

This anklet is really pretty. Did you make the heart trinket? Gorgeous.

Tandra said...

Oooh Patricia!
Love this , as usual!
What kind of glass didiyou use for th eheart? Its so pretty! It looks iridescent!

patricia said...

theresa - yes, I did =)

Tsandra - I don't know, I only picked up a few rods of it in 'VIVA Las Vegas'
I hope I can find more. I like the irridescent look of it too.

Kim said...


Kimberly said...

Very orignal and creative and I can tell it is constructed well. Beautiful!

Tandra said...

I LOVE the pink heart one!!
HEY!! Youve been "TAGGED"!! LOL Go to my blog and see what to do!!

Kimberly said...

Another beautiful pink heart anklet!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I was going through your blog I was just thinking WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BLOG you have ... Oh and the anklets....I do love the black one...I do think I need to buy one! You are so talented. And to add God's word to your work makes it even more beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Patricia (still so odd to call you that),
Your work is awesome!! How come I don't have any of your pieces? I plan to remedy that soon :).I think my sisters need them for Christmas presents.

I check your website and blog frequently and I smile so much every time. Sometimes I cry at the beauty of your work and at your talent! Seriously, Patricia you are so very talented.

I agree with Melissa (my Melissa, formerly G, now J ?) your blog IS beautiful and so is your heart.
BTW--Just started with Dr York. I really, really like her! Thanks for recommending her to Kelly, now me.

Miss Robyn said...

These are fantastic. Really. Just absolutely stunning!