Wednesday, October 31, 2007

' withOrwithOut '

I finally have a name for this necklace.
It's the withOrwithOut.
If you wear it as one piece it measures 29 to 32" long depending on the actual necklace.
It has a removable bracelet connected to it.
If you take the bracelet off you can wear it as a matching bracelet.
The necklace becomes a shorter necklace.
If you don't want the key/cross (whatever is dangling off the bottom) on it, it also has a clip to remove it.
So you see? you can wear it 'withOrwithOut'.


Tandra said...

How about LSBC's?
Flips (eh??? lol)
Vice-a Versas (ok its freekin late right now!!)

THAT new one is FABULOUS!!(hey set your upload pics to LARGE!!)
Love the key!
Are these going to the Jewelry party this weekend??

Kimberly said...

I love seeing more of your beauties!!

Lori said...


1,2,3 Necklace.....

Any way you put it together, they are beautiful !!!! How much are you asking for them?


JenMarie said...

This is so GORGEOUS!!!

Erin said...

Your beads are beautiful, I'm lovin' your jewels :)

patricia said...

I think I'm going to call these pieces the withOrwithOut necklace, because you can wear it withOrwithOut the clip~on, withOrwith Out the bracelet... get it?

The prices start at 165.00

Thanks for the help and for the kind compliments.
I can't lie, I love the nice compliments!!

Hey! I think it's almost time for another give away!!!

Kimberly said...

love your new fire evolving pictures! Super cool man!

suzi finer said...

your friend Tandra was right; your stuff is amazing!

Kimberly said...

You're HOT - you're on FIRE!!

I like the name withOrwithOut, or "wowo".


Tandra said...

OHOHOH I just saw MY green heart bead in the 'fire'!! bah-hahha LOVE the fire graphic Patricia!!!

Kim said...