Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I have 3 only children

Psalm 147:3
He heals the broken hearted and binds their wounds...

... So we packed up our daughter, Madison and dropped her off at college this past Monday. Even as I try to write this I can hardly keep myself from falling apart. My husband drove the truck with our youngest daughter, Paige.
Madi and I followed behind in her car.
We chatted and had some laughs, when we arrived in the parking lot by my daughter's dorm we were laughing about something silly and I said "I have to be silly, otherwise I'd be crying"
It got kind of quite.
We spent the day together, went to dinner then sat in on a opening message which was incredible. We walked Madi to a 'meet and greet' said our goodbyes and we all broke down.
We cried all the way home.
So much of the jewelry I create comes from something I'm going through, have gone through or a lesson I've learned. It's how I express myself, like many people do through their art.

I've noticed a lot of the women who've commented on my blog are into stamping, making cards and scrap booking. All of it is SO beautiful, I've been checking you guys out and I admire the beauty, work and expression you put into your art. I'm in awe of the things you women create!
Thanks for the encouragement you've given to me.


~* Tracy *~ said...

We admire your beautiful creations too :) This one is simply gorgeous!
Can't imagine what it will be like to pack my son off to college... Thankfully that is some years away! *phew*

Kimberly said...

Good morning dear friend,
Your tears are a testimony of your relationship and love for her. That is very precious. You've provided a great foundation and 'launching pad' for her life and future education and you should feel very proud of you and her. She is about to blossom into a powerful woman on her own. Now I'm crying . . .

Thank you for sharing your jewelry with us! I am always so intrigued by your beautiful and creative artistic jewelry because you always have a meaning behind everything you create - and do! and I just admire that.


Tandra said...

{{tears running down cheeks}}
My dear Friend Patricia-
We wait for this day to come, then wish it were 10 years ago!!

Kim said it best-I echo that!
You know Ive admired you, raising the girls with a foundation in Christ. You live thru your heart, and it shows!
I love that every piece you create comes from your heart, with a personal meaning. More of us should live like that.
Allright, Im off to email you!
Love you!!!!
"TSandra" ;)

Mistylynn said...

Thank YOU for visiting my blog! Beautiful work you have here.

Pattyjo said...

Boy your beads and jewelry are gorgeous! I can't imagine being albe to make my own bead, they are just beautiful! Thanks for the chance.

Tex said...

Oooops! My fav candy? That is hard! I think today it's Hershey's Chocolate! Yeah! All of my life ..I've caved to a Hershey's Chocolate bar!


corinnesomerville said...

We have 5 children (eldest is 20 yrs) she's going to college locally so she's still home but I know the day is coming soon when she'll spread her wings....I'm not ready yet...I completely understand where you're coming from and I'll be praying for you and your family as you transition.

Big hugs to you

Pattyjo said...

I agree, beauty does come from suffering and joy. Although when I experience to much heart ache, I tend to just *shut down* creatively for a long time. Once the healing comes then I can re-create art. Your jewelry is gorgeous!